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Permanent Makeup Marketing Websites That Sell

Perament Makeup Websites That SellIt’s one thing to know what to do, yet its another to get it all done. That is why we can offer you tailored services all around the online marketing of your permanent makeup business.

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Is Your Website Wowing Potential New Clients, Is It Providing You With All the Customers You Can Handle? … If Not Then You Need A Full Professional Website Analysis & Review

Your website is supposed to be acting as your silent sales person, working for you 24 hours per day. However, if a sales person is not providing any sales then they usually get sacked.

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Awards Submission & Critique Service

Awards companies charge anything up to £10,000 per submission to increase your chances of winning !!

Winning an award can literally be worth tens of thousands of pounds to your business, through increased publicity & recognition as well as giving potential clients complete trust in your services.

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How To Get FREE Publicity
For Your Permanent Makeup Business

Learn from top media insider, publicity expert and former journalist, the secrets of getting your permanent makeup business in the media for FREE!

Journalists get hundreds of press releases land on heir desk or inbox, every single week. Making yours stand out from the crowd can be a difficult task. So in this interview we look at it from the other side of the desk, from none other than the journalists point of view… by interviewing a former journalist.

17 Common & Deadly Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them Banner

17 Common Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Permanent Makeup Business

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The Permanent Makeup Expert Interview Series

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Top Secrets & Tips To Becoming A Confident & Successful Permanent Makeup Technician In The Next 90 Days

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Colour Theory, Skin Undertones & Drawing Techniques

For Any Permanent Makeup Artist Who Wants To Improve Their Technical Skills & Colour Selection Confidence

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