Top Secrets & Tips
To Becoming A Confident & Successful Permanent Makeup Technician In The Next 90 Days

Permanent-Makeup-Academy-Top-Secrets-And-Tips Both Books
Includes All of the Following:
Consultation Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands
The Ultimate Consulatation Process
Converting Inquiries To Paying Customers Every Time
Choosing Correct Pigments & Needles
Step-by-Step Predures for Perfect Results
Permanent Makeup Peperwork Templates, Plus Much Much more …


Why Are So Many Permanent Makeup Technicians Scrambling To Get Their Hands On The
‘Top Secrets & Tips …’ Manual?
Never Before Revealed Top Secrets And Tips of Some of the Most Sort After And In Demand Permanent Makeup Technicians In The Industry Today …

Everything You Need To Know To Be Totally 100% Confident

If You Have Trained In Permanent Makeup But Feel That You Lack The Confidence To Perform Brows, Lips or Eyeliner Treatments Then This Is Definitely For You

Simple To Follow Step-by-Step Procedures For Perfect Results Every time

Everything From The Initial Consultation, Through Pre-Procedure Preparations, To Carrying Out Each Technique All With Great Images Making It Easy To Understand & Follow

The Proven Method To Winning More Clients More Often

How To Convert Inquiries Into Paying Clients Every Time! What To Do And What Not To Do In Consultations To Win More Clients Who Are Happy To Pay You Higher Fees

How To Expand Your Permanent Makeup Business

Discover How You Can Build Your Business Without Expensive Advertising, How To Turn Difficult Clients Into Champions, And How To Stand Out As The Go To Technician In Your Local Area
Just Look at Some Of The Top TIps You
Will Discover In Minutes…


Top Secrets & Tips … Manual Has Loads of Powerful Proven Permanent Makeup Strategies That You Can Easily Follow
Stop Struggling Along. You Can Instantly Access the Knowledge Along With Tried, Tested And Proven Strategies The Will Show You Step by Step How To Be The Most Confident And Sort After Permanent Makeup Technician In Your Local Area

Do You Have A Working Client Pulling Formula? …
From first phone call inquiry to getting them to come in for a consultation to getting them to commit to a permanent makeup treatment with you, is a skill in of itself and as important as your ability to perform the treatment.

You will Get a step by step plan to follow each and every time you get an inquiry to ensure nearly all of them convert to paying customers.

Do You Know When And When Not To Work on a client?
Before you go ahead and agree to perform any permanent makeup treatment there are several facts that you need to know about the client to see if they are suitable.

You will get our safe consultation client questionnaire templates to help you avoid working on people that you shouldn’t!


Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared …
Your Preparation for treatments goes a long way to how confident you will be performing a permanent makeup procedure.

Learn how to ensure your work area has the correct level a hygiene, that you are selecting the right needles, that your machine is adequately maintained, the you understand the right needling technique for each procedure and what depth to go to, ete, etc

That’s All Cool… But What Else Will The
Top Secrets And Tips … Manual Teach Me?
Quite simply .. Everything you need to know to become a very successful and confident Permanent Makeup Technician. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or having been doing Permanent Makeup for years, You will Discover How to be You at Your Very Best in Permanent Makeup.

What to Talk About & What Subjects to Avoid with Your Permanent Makeup Clients

How Your Client Feels When They Leave Can Have A Big Impact On Your Business!

Who to get for Models for Permanent Makeup Training Purposes

Why You Must Save Your Best Paying Clients For When You Have Perfected Your Skill!

Colour Theory, Permanent Makeup Pigments and Colour Mixing

Selecting The Right Colours for Your Clients

The 5 Major Skin Tones & 6 Basic Face Shapes

Colour Variation For Different Skin Tones & Hair Colours
The Top Secrets & Tips … Manual Helps You With Your Permanent Makeup Treatment Techiques Too!
You Need To Have Confidence Performing Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner & Lips as well as Brows!
You Will Be Given Simple 7 Step Formulas That When Followed Can Help You To Perfect All 3 Areas … Overnight!
You Will Learn What To Do With Grey or White Haired Women

Many older clients have one main major fear about colour. You will find out what it is and how to overcome it.
You Will Learn What To Do With Brunette Haired Women

Brunettes are probably the easiest to colour match, however you will learn when to use block powdered effect or natural hair strokes or a mixture of both.
You Will Learn What To Do With Blonde Haired Women

Blondes are constantly adjusting their brows as their natural hair colour leaves them without brows. You will learn the best way to handle ladies with blonde hair.

You Will Learn What To Do With Women of Colour

When working on ladies with a darker skin colour you have to know how to mix pigments. You will find out how to create beautiful brows that don’t turn grey or blue.


With The Top Secrets And Tips … Manual You Can Create Perfect Results For Your Clients Every Time
294 Pages Filled To The Brim With Great Advice, Step By Step Techniques, And Business Templates That You Can Start Using Today To Give You All The Confidence In The World To Be A Top Performing Permanent Makeup Artist Who Is Always In Demand In Your Local Area And Beyond!…

Permanent-Makeup-Academy-Top-Secrets-And-Tips Both Books
Here Is A Quick Recap Of Some Of The Many Topics Your Will Learn …

✓ Introduction to Permanent Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips

✓ Why Permanent Makeup Clients Will Pay Top Dollar for the Best People

✓ How to Look and Act Like a Top Permanent Makeup Technician

✓ The Top 16 Reasons Why Clients Choose to Have Permanent Makeup

✓ Frequently Asked Questions by Clients & How to Answer Them

✓ Consultation Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands and Cripple Your Permanent Makeup Business!!

✓ The Ultimate Consultation Process, using the ‘Katy Jobbins Mirror Closing Technique’

✓ Converting Inquiries into Paying Clients… Every Time!

✓ Treatment Consent, Medical History Forms & Aftercare Sheets, the Non Scary Versions!

✓ What Not to Include in Your Picture Portfolio!

✓ How to get Excellent Client Testimonials That Sell Your Treatments for You

✓ Avoiding Catastrophe!

✓ Preparing Treatment Area in Advance, Including Table and Machine Setup

✓ Hygiene… A Matter of Trust

✓ Drawing on the Perfect Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner in Preparation for Treatment

✓ Choosing the Correct Pigments for all Your Permanent Makeup Procedures

✓ Needle Configuration

✓ How do I Know the Right Needles to Use???

✓ The 4 Top Needling Techniques Used on Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner & Lip Liner

✓ Finding the Correct Needle Depth

✓ Step by Step Instructions to Simplify Your Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

✓ Step by Step Instructions to Simplify Your Permanent Eyeliner & Lash Enhancement Procedures

✓ Step by Step Instructions for a Permanent Lower Eyeliner & Lower Lash Enhancement Procedure

✓ Step by Step Instructions to Simplify Permanent Lip Liner

✓ Who to get for Models for Permanent Makeup Training Purposes

✓ How to Deal with 10 Different, Difficult Permanent Makeup Clients.

✓ Overcoming & Solving Their Issues

✓ What to Talk About & What Subjects to Avoid with Your Permanent Makeup Clients

✓ Iconic Eyebrows: The Top 10 Celebrity Brows that Clients are Constantly Asking for

✓ Expert Eyebrow Training Sheets: Enhance Your Drawing and Needling Techniques by Practicing the 7 Most Common Shapes

✓ 7 Top Tips to Fabulous Colour Retention

✓ Further Ways to Enhance Your Permanent Makeup Skills

✓ Giving Your Clients the Best Aftercare and Advice, Re-booking Them for Future Appointments with You for Years to Come

✓ PLUS…Checklist Tests of Knowledge

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