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The Katy Jobbins 7 Step Formula For Powdered Effect Eyebrows ™

The Katy Jobbins 7 Step Formula For Natural Hair Simulation ™

The Katy Jobbins 7 Step Formula For Powdered Effect Eyebrows With Natural Hair Simulation ™

The Katy Jobbins Advanced Brow Colour Theory And Multi-Directional Hair Simulation

Common Brow Enhancement Mistakes And How To Avoid or Fix Them

Never Before Revealed Top Secrets And Tips From One of the Most Sort After And In Demand Permanent Makeup Trainers In The Industry Today ...

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Advanced Permanent Eyebrow Procedure Package


The Complete Content of the 5 Disk Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow DVD Series


The 247 Page Manual Revealing State of the Art Procedures To Ensure Perfect Brows Every time


The 50 Page Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Template Training Sheets

Get The Katy Jobbins Step by Step Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedure Training Package

Written & Produced by Multi Award Winning Industry Expert Katy Jobbins

What Else Will The All Inclusive
Advanced Brow Procedure
Training Series Teach Me?

Quite simply .. Everything you need to know to become a very successful and confident at Performing Permanent Eyebrows. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or having been doing Permanent Makeup for years,
You will Discover How to be You at Your Very Best in Permanent Eyebrows.


Everything You Need To Know To Be Totally 100% Confident In Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures

If You Have Trained In Permanent Makeup But Feel That You Lack The Confidence To Perform Brow Treatments Then This Is Definitely For You

How To Select The Right Colour For Your Clients Skin Tone & Hair Colour, Needle Selection, & Needle Depth

Preparing for a Procedure is as Important as the Procedure Itself. Follow Simple Guidelines and Everything Will Fall into Place for You & Your client

Simple To Follow Step-by-Step Procedures With Diagrams & Practice Templates For Perfect Results Every time

Everything From The Initial Measurements, Through Creating the Template, Selecting the Colour & Perfecting 3 Specific Brow Techniques All With Great Images Making It Easy To Understand & Simple to Copy
Troubleshooting Common Eyebrow Mistakes, What Causes Them & How To Correct Them

Discover How You Can Build Your Business Without Expensive Advertising, How To Turn Difficult Clients Into Champions, And How To Stand Out As The Go To Technician In Your Local Area

The Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures Manual Helps You With Your Permanent Makeup Treatment Techniques Too!

You Need To Have Confidence Performing Permanent Makeup for Brows!
You Will Be Given Simple 7 Step Formulas That When Followed Can Help You To Perfect All Styles … Literally Overnight!

247 Pages of Expert Advice Laid Out In Plain English & Easy to Follow Steps


Here Is Just A Taste of Some Of The Many Topics Your Will Learn

Colour Theory – Everything you need to know about pigments, colour mixing, how to match colour to skin tones & hair colours, which pigment are best and even lighting considerations

Technical Knowledge – including Needling techniques, Working guidelines for brows, Symmetries of the face, How to Draw Eyebrows (Step by step + brow templates training book)

Advanced Natural Hair Simulation, including Setting the template, Hair Composition for clients with patchy & sparse eyebrow hair, Hair Composition for clients with non existent eyebrows, Hair Composition for men, & Advanced Multi Tonal Techniques for Single stroke hair.

✓ 7 Step Formula for Perfect Powdered Effect Eyebrows

✓ 7 Step Formula for Natural Hair Simulation

✓ 7 Step Formula for Perfect Powdered Effect Eyebrows with Natural Hair Simulation

Advanced Brow Enhancement Troubleshooting including:

– What to do if the client has naturally uneven eyebrows?

– What to do if your clients treatment looks too dark?

– How to adjust if you have gone outside your template line

– Needle depth and how to get it right regardless of the clients skin type

You Will Discover …


You Will Discover …


You Will Discover …


You Will Discover …



The Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow
Template Training Sheets

To Help You Become An Expert at Drawing Eyebrows

50 Pages of Clear Instruction & Design Guides
for You to Perfect Drawing
the Most Common Types of Eyebrows.

3D eBook Cover for Advanced Eyebrow Training Sheets


  • Basic Eyebrow Shapes
  • Multi-Direction Hair Simulation
  • Reconstructing & Blending in Half a Brow – Including Multi-directional Hair-strokes & Single Hair Simulation Templates
  • Multi-Direction Hair Simulation for Sparse & Patchy Eyebrows
  • Beautiful, Bold Powdered Effect Brows
  • Soft Brow Shape Enhancement for Full & Bushy Eyebrows
  • Natural Brow Styles For Clients Without Hair – Chemotherapy & Alopecia Clients
  • Male Eyebrow Reconstruction
  • Single Hair Simulation
Advanced Brow Manuals and DVDs

The Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures
5 Disk Set DVD Series Now On-Line! ...

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Permanent Eyebrows But Didn’t Want to Ask!

24 Video's Containing Over 5 Hours of Content to Access Online Detailing Every Aspect of Permanent Makeup with Close up 'LIVE' Recordings of Treatments Being Performed. No Stone is Left Unturned. Every Question About Performing Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures Both Answered & Demonstrated

Disk 1…


Foundations In Permanent Makeup


  • Everything you need to know to safely perform permanent makeup treatments correctly set over 9 video slideshows.

Disk 2…


Advanced Brow Training Theory


  • Katy Jobbins 7 Step Formulae for Perfect Brows Every time
  • Advanced Brow Techniques Module I
  • Advanced Brow Techniques Module II

Disk 3…


Advanced Brow Quick Reference Short Snippet Demonstrations

Includes Short Demonstrations of:

  • Drawing On Brows
  • Outlining Eyebrows
  • Shading Eyebrows
  • Natural Hair-strokes

Disk 4…


Advanced Brow Demonstration Full Procedures I

Includes Full Procedure Demonstrations for:

  • Right Hand Positioning for Brow Treatments

  • Left Hand Positioning for Brow Treatments
  • Right Hand Brow Full Procedure
  • Left Hand Brow Full Procedure

Disk 5…


Advanced Brow Demonstration Full Procedures II

Includes Full Procedure Demonstrations for:

  • 2 x Right Brow Treatments – Full Procedure Demonstration

  • 2 x Left Brow Treatments – Full Procedure Demonstration

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Listen to What Pami, Who Attended Advanced Permanent Brow Training with Katy Jobbins, Had To Say About Learning The New Techniques Revealed in this Package and How it Has Given Her a New Confidence In Her Permanent Makeup Abilities …


That's Over 5 Hours of Demonstrations & In-depth Technical Know How to Perfect Your Permanent Eyebrow Treatments! ...


Option 2 - Full Online Package + Printed & Posted Manuals:

( Includes all Videos Online + Manuals in PDF format for viewing online plus full manuals printed and posted to you. )





3D eBook Cover for Advanced Eyebrow Training Sheets


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All This Instantly Available Online Plus Printed & Posted Manuals
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Why I Created The Advanced Permanent Makeup
Eyebrow Procedure Series! ...

Quite simply … the only way to get access to this information in the past was to attend one of my Advanced Training Course which usually cost £1997+vat per day to attend. But there is a limit on my time and the number of people I can help personally, so I put together this package to allow everyone access to the life changing tools I’ve developed over the last 10 years in Permanent Makeup.

Right now, you can get instant access to watch over 5 hours of Permanent Makeup Eyebrow education and demonstration materials, grab the Full 247 Pages version of The Katy Jobbins Step by Step Manual for Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures Manual, and the 50 Pages of tried and tested templates to help you perfect your eyebrow shapes for a single one time payment of just £497. OR You opt to also get the two manuals in printed format posted to you along with all the online content for just £597. That’s probably less than you charge for a simple brow procedure, or if it isn’t then you definitely need to get hold of this package!!

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