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17-Common-Deadly-Marketing-Mistakes-that-can-Cripple-Your-Permanent-Makeup-Business-by-Katy-Jobbins-3d-coverFor Permanent Makeup Technicians Who Want to Know How to Get as Many Clients as You Possibly Can Whilst Charging the Money You Deserve
Top Secrets And Tips From One of the Most Sort After And In Demand Permanent Makeup Technicians & Trainers In the Industry Today … Be Prepared To Be Shocked as Katy Jobbins reveals her most highly guarded secrets to how she made over £100,000 in a single year once she started using the techniques revealed.
Find Out Why You Need this for the Success of Your Permanent Makeup Business …
Includes All of the Following:
“The Number One reason Why You Are Not Attracting More High Paying Clients”
Which Type of Advertising Is a Waste of Money For Permanent Makeup Technicians.
Which Type of Clients to Turn Away & Why They Are A Drain On Your Business
Why Your Consultations Should Always be FREE!.
How To Setup A Full Step-by-Step Marketing Plan And How To Get it Implemented the Easy Way.”
The Main Reason Why Clients Will Choose To Pay More With You Than Go Elsewhere.

Get 162 Pages ofIn The TrenchesPermanent Makeup Business Altering Success Secrets

Produced by Multi Award Winning Permanent Makeup Industry Expert Katy Jobbins

What Will The
  17 Common Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Permanent Makeup Business… Teach Me?

In a nutshell, you will learn the right way to market your permanent makeup services. You will discover small, even minor tweaks, that when applied will make an avalanche of a difference to the number of clients you attract for little or no cost!

Simple Ways To Run Your Permanent Makeup Business To Attract More Clients Leaving You With All The Time In The World To Concentrate On Performing Your Permanent Makeup Procedures.

How To Unlock Simple Marketing Tricks To Attract More Clients

How To Attract The Right Type Of Clients Who Value Your Skills

The Right Way To Get Your Clients Recommending You To Their Friends

How Adding A Simple Sales Letter To Your Brochure Can Double Your Response

With The 17 Common Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Permanent Makeup Business You Can Be Happier in Your Life and Content to Know Your Permanent Makeup Business is thriving
162 Pages stuffed to the brim with some of the most important information on how to successfully attract more permanent makeup clients you will ever discover …


Here Is Just A Taste of What Is Covered Your Will Learn …

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 1:
Marketing permanent makeup to every Tom, Dick and Harry

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 2:
Not having a unique selling proposition

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 3:
Not having a sales and marketing system

 Permanent Makeup Marketing mistake No. 4:
Using “institutional” advertising

Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 5:
Failing to collect and use excellent client testimonials

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 6:
Not giving your clients a reason why

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No.7:
Not charging the “perfect price” for your permanent makeup procedures

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No.8:
Not understanding the difference between “value” and “price” from your clients perspective

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 9:
Not converting the features of permanent make up into benefits for your client

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 10:
Not having some kind of guarantee in place

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 11:
Sending out your permanent makeup brochure without a sales letter

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 12:
Not having a permanent make up referral system in place

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 13:
Not asking them to book in for a free consultation

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 14:
Not using great headlines

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 15:
Not having a permanent makeup marketing plan

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 16:
Writing to your permanent make up clients in a non-personal way

✓ Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistake No. 17:
Failing to qualify potential clients upfront

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