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Paul Bate


Multi-Award Wining Beauty Industry Marketing Expert

(Specialising In the Permanent Makeup Industry)

Founder & Owner

Permanent Success Ltd

Your Permanent Makeup Business & Marketing Mentor

Paul Bate is a multi-award winning business growth, marketing & branding expert in the permanent makeup industry.  Although most of his clients are confidential you now have the opportunity to discover what he does for them.

Paul has attended business courses & events with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, Peter Jones and many more of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs…. Paul put their business advice and strategies to work within the Permanent Makeup Industry & now shares both his successes and the things that didn’t quite go to plan.

If you have been lucky enough to attend one of his 3 day Permanent Makeup Business & Marketing seminars, then you will know what we mean. These usually sell out years in advance and Permanent Makeup students that attend The Permanent Makeup Training Academy’s, ‘Complete Permanent Makeup Start-up Course,’ go on to achieve astonishing business results.

Permanent Makeup Marketing Expertise

Since 2009 Paul has been working exclusively alongside his wife, Katy Jobbins on building her permanent makeup clinic business & training academy.

As a result, Katy has become one of the most in-demand permanent makeup artists in the country, charging top end prices for all her treatments.

The Training Academy & training resources it provides has taken on a life of its own, winning a number of high-profile awards & being favoured by top industry magazines across the country. Paul now mentors many of the students, who trained with Katy at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy, on his 2 year Permanent Makeup Business & Marketing Mentorship program.



What You Need To Build A Successful Long Term Career as a Permanent Makeup Technician


Just Look at Some of the many things we will cover over the 90 mins!

  • In-depth Review of How Your PM Business is Currently Doing & Where You Feel it Needs to Improve the Most
  • How We Can Help You Improve Using Tried and Tested Strategies
  • Show You Where Most Permanent Makeup Technicians Are Getting it Wrong
  • Analise Your Product Costs and How They Can Be Reduced by Up to 60%
  • Figuring Out the Best Ways You Can  Attract New Permanent Makeup Customers
  • Taking a Snapshot of Your Current business Success/Failings & Showing You Where You Can Improve & Giving You A Bullet Proof Plan on How to Do It
  • Discuss Whether or not 24hr Access to A World Class Permanent Makeup Trainer Would Help You To Build Your Confidence & Answer Your Issues
  • How You Can Easily  Get From Where You Are Today to Where You Want to be in Twelve Months Time
  • Pin-pointing Exactly Where Things Are Not Quite Going to Plan & How To Fix Them
  • How You Can Save Hundreds of Hours of Work and Thousands of Pound Getting Things Wrong & Shortcut Your Way to Permanent Makeup Success
  • Pricing Strategies and Why You Are Probably Not Charging Enough
  • How to build Your Permanent Makeup Business for Long Term Success
  • Show You How to Become One of the Most In-Demand Go-To PM Experts in Your Local Area, No Matter How Good the Competition is
  • How to Build Credibility in the PM Industry at Super-Speed
  • How We Can Offer On-Going Help in All Areas of Your PM Business
  • Show You The No.1 Thing You Must Start Doing Right Now to Boost Your Permanent Makeup Business


… About the expert Permanent Makeup business and marketing advice provided by Paul Bate


… With Permanent Makeup Business & Marketing Expert – Paul Bate

Simply enter your details above and we’ll be in touch real soon and arrange an initial 15 minute consultation phone call