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Never Before Revealed Top Secrets And Tips From One of the Most Sort After And In Demand Permanent Makeup Technicians & Trainers In the Industry Today ...

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Interviewed by PAUL BATE


Multi Award Winning Industry Expert, Founder & Head Trainer of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy –  Voted Etc Beauty Industry Magazine Training Centre of Excellence 2016


Multi Award Winning Beauty Industry Marketing Expert & Awarded Business Personality of the Year 2015

Listen In to Over 3 Hours of Permanent Makeup Business Altering Success Secrets & Discover How To Launch Your Permanent Makeup Business Into Hyperspace


Disk 1

6 Psychological Factors That Influence Any Client into Choosing You Today


Discover How To Easily Influence Your Clients To Choose You Over Your Competition.

  • How To Make Even the Most Uninterested Client Desperate to Book An Appointment With You
  • How To Use an Empty Diary To Your Advantage When Booking Consultations
  • What You Must Have On Your Website To Put Your Clients Mind at Ease
  • How to Guarantee 99% Your Clients Will Show Up For Their Appointment
  • The Simplest Way To Build Good Rapport With Your Client
  • Why Using Medical Jargon & Clever Words Will Scare Your Clients Away
  • Why the More You Give Away the More You Will Get Back
  • Why You Must Focus On Your Client And Not the Money You Are Going to be Making
  • How To Use Your Clients Facebook Status to Increase Sales
  • How To Make the Client Genuinely Think that they have to Use You & Not Look Anywhere else
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
32 Minutes

Disk 2

Creating a Powerful USP to Attract Permanent Makeup Clients


How To Create & Use a USP to Allow You to Double Your Permanent Makeup Prices & Have Clients Happy to Pay

  • What Is a USP and why you need one
  • How You Can Stand Out From both Local & National Competitors
  • Learn How to Identify What Makes You Special
  • How You Can Command Higher Prices because of Your USP
  • Why You Will Never Have To Compete in a Permanent Makeup Pricing War When You Know the Secret
  • Why Your USP will Make Clients Choose Your Regardless of Price
  • Why You Always Need To Tell Your Clients About Your USP & How to Tell Them
  • Why It’s Important to Deliver On Your USP
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
22 Minutes

Disk 3

Turning Consultations Into Clients ...
...Every Time


How To Approach Every Client Consultation To Move The Client To Commit to Booking a Treatment With You

  • How To Make Your Consultations Work
  • Should You Charge for Your Consultations or Should They be Free?
  • How To Structure Your Consultations
  • How To Get Your Client To Book an Appointment
  • How To Discover Your Clients Real Problems Rather Than What They Are Telling You
  • How To Make You Client Feel At Ease
  • How To Win the Trust of Any New Client
  • How To Move From the Consultation to an Appointment Booking
  • How To Ensure Your Client Turns Up for the Appointment
  • Why Using Medical Jargon Can Scare Clients Away
  • Why You Should Never Draw on Brows at the Consultation
  • How To Use A Portfolio of Photos & Videos of Past Clients
  • How To Overcome Price Conscious Clients
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
26 Minutes

Disk 4

How To Setup Profitable Permanent Makeup Clinics


Discover the In-Depth Secrets of Setting Up Profitable Permanent Makeup Clinics In Salons, Spa’s & other Businesses

  • How To Multiply Your Income for Little or No Cost
  • How To Get Multiple Salon’s & Spa’s To Promote Your Permanent Makeup Services
  • How To Choose Which Salons To Approach
  • How To Arrange Commission Structures
  • Who To Pay the Commission Payment To
  • Where to Hold Clinics and Perform Treatments
  • How To Use Facebook To Gain Client Referrals
  • How Often to Hold Clinics in the Spa’s or Salons
  • What Marketing Materials You Need To Provide to Have the Best Chance of Success
  • How To Prepare Yourself before Your Visit to the Salons
  • How To Make Sure Clients Turn Up for Booked Appointments
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
34 Minutes

Disk 5

Full Step-by-Step Permanent Makeup Consultation Structure


How To Perfectly Plan & Structure Your Consultations To Turn 90% + Consultations Into Loyal Paying Clients

  • How to put in place a full step by step Permanent Makeup Consultation Strategy That Could Double Your Success Rate Overnight
  • How to build Your Confidence Carrying Out Consultations with New Clients
  • How to Greet New Clients When They Walk Through the Door
  • What Your Client Is Actually Judging You On Constantly
  • Why Selling Permanent Makeup Services is the Last Thing You Want to be Doing
  • One Sentence You Should Always Use To Discover Your Client’s Real Needs & Wants
  • How To Subtly Recommend The Correct Treatments for the Client
  • How To Tailor an Eyebrow Solution to the Clients Needs
  • How To Build Trust With Your Client and Why It’s Important to Do So.
  • How Many Services To Offer A Client on Their First Visit
  • How To Ask the Client Which Procedure They Want
  • How To Identify the Buying Signals from Your Client
  • The Best Time to Offer to Book Your Client In For a Treatment
  • How To Avoid Talking Your Client Out of Having a Treatment
  • Why You Need To Keep Your Consultation Structure the Same for Every Client
  • How To Get Your Client to Commit to Having a Treatment
  • How To Guarantee Your Client Turns Up for the Treatment Appointment
  • Why It’s Important To Master All The Techniques Mentioned
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
25 Minutes

Disk 6

9 Top Tips to Gain Clients Complete & Utter Confidence in Your Permanent Makeup Services


How To Perfectly Plan Your Consultations To Turn 90% + Consultations Into Paying Clients

  • How To Manage Your Own Self-Confidence & Belief In Your Skills
  • How To Handle Client Questions That You Don’t Know the Answer to (Tip: The Answer is not to make something up or guess!)
  • How To Dress Correctly for the Consultation & the Treatment
  • Why You Need to Control Your Nerves in the Early Days After Training
    + How To Be Prepared for Your Clients Visit
  • Why It’s Important to Have In-depth Knowledge About Permanent Makeup Treatments, Your Products & Your Equipment
  • What Type of Language You Should Use & What You Should Avoid Saying
  • How To Let Your Client Know Why They Should Choose You
  • How To Handle Clients If They Call Up After Treatment With An Issue
  • How To Be Truly Successful As a Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Plus much, much more …

Approximate Running Time:
32 Minutes

Listen to the introduction of the Permanent Makeup Expert Interview Series by Award-Winning Marketer, Paul Bate:


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